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  1. Peter Quadrant says:

    Saya lihat control untuk band Anda pakai 4 bit, sehingga bisa maksimal sampai 16 band. Kenapa tidak dimaksimalkan saja sehingga bisa dipakai utk hf general coverage vfo dengan membuat control 0-2 MHz, 2-4 MHz, 4-8 MHz, dst sampai 32MHz dg rentang 2 MHz per channel.

    Ini usul saja ya Mas..


  2. Sudarmanto says:

    Untuk band 12m dan 10m sepertinya tidak di ada led yg menyala apa karena lednya kurang heheheh

  3. Andy UB3PCO says:

    Hello Arif! I made the previous version of your synthesizer, figured out all the intricacies and was pleased. I want to collect this VFO, but I do not have hex files loaded. You can send them to my e-mail: I have one more question: the output frequency multiplied by two as in the previous version or not.
    Thank you for your understanding, Andrey.

  4. Andy UB3PCO says:

    Hello Arif! Thanks for the answer, it all downloaded, I hope everything will work as well as your previous design. This is for a transceiver of the type BITX Klopik–quot–quot–RV3LE

  5. Carmen says:

    A link to a shop module DDS (AD9850) compatible with the VFO or diagram can be?
    Thank you!

  6. Afshin says:

    Hi Arif
    cannot download hex files .
    please send my mail box or again upload .
    thank you .

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