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DDS VFO Versi 717 with S-Meter

DDS VFO Features

~ S-Meter

~ 4 VFO

~ Mode USB & LSB

~ Rit

~ IF Setting ( Push & Hold Rotary encoder)

~ Step ( Push 1 time Rotary Encoder)

~ 4 Filter Band : 0-4 Mhz /4-8Mhz /8-16 Mhz /16-32Mhz

dds717 20x4

Schematic dds vfo 717


setting Fuse n lock bits Khazamah AVR programmer

fuse setting dds717fuse setting dds khasamahPCB dds717 with S-meter


NB: Disarankan untuk menggunakan ic Atmega8-16PU untuk hasil yang maksimal

        PCB DDS VFO717 siap pakai , bisa anda dapatkan DISINI

Download file HEX LCD 16×2

Download file HEX LCD 20×4

Download Schematic & PCB


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  1. Hi
    Thank you for share this useful information.
    I have a doubt, I don’t know how the controller change the mode using only one pin 23(PC0).
    Thank you in advance
    73’s Jc

    • hi, Juan Carlos
      I’ve tried it ..and it works.
      please try too. probably still less than perfect.
      I was just learning to program for the microcontroller

      thanks ,best regard.

  2. Oke Doke
    Thank You Very for the answer.
    I will try using a Atmega 8 TSOP.
    73’s Jc

  3. Hello

    Where AMEGA8 MCU fuse?…

  4. Also, I do not know is how to control the band!

    I come from China BG5CJY

    Good morning everyone

  5. Thank you for reply
    I’m looking forward to the test

  6. Hello

    I have downloaded successfully!
    No “step” how to set stepper?
    Require high-speed optical encoder automatic counting?

  7. Thanks, I have found “STEP”
    “VFO” mode briefly press the “push”

  8. OK, I understand
    Thank you for your help!
    DDS reference clock skew is not set?

  9. mas arif itu klo ngedownload hex pake khazaama gimana langkah2 nya flash nya doang apa sekalian eeprom nya.thanks

  10. ok mas arif thank

  11. om arif..di skema, urutan pin bagian bawah modul ad9850 memang bener begitu ” DATA-FQ_UD-W_CLK ” atau ” W_CLK-FQ_UD-DATA ” ? thks…

  12. tanya lagi om…saya pake bixen…saya coba aktifin s-meter…output s-meter dari bixen ke input s-meter…signal langsung mentok walau tidak ada stasiun yg bicara…saya coba kasih resistor 100k masih tetep juga langsung mentok…belum coba 1 M seh…bagaimana setting yg bener ya ?

    lalu, kalo pake USB/LSB dari DDS controller…BFO = IF ya ?


    • kalau langsung gak bisa pak … coba tambahkan dioda in4148…
      saya sendiri belum coba konek ke bixen
      Setting IF sesuai Crystal yang digunakan …kalau 10Mhz if di setting -10.000.000

  13. mas arif..dds+control brapa ya..?

  14. Hello, how to configure the fuse in the ponyprog, Thanks

  15. Dear Mas Arif,

    Saya ingin mempergunakan ATMEGA 16 apakah file Hex nya perlu diubah?

    Trims atas sharring-nya.


    Andri Yoshana


  17. I’m not getting download the hex file to display 16×2, a friend could pass me via email.

  18. please give me arduino code for this project ( 2X 16 LCD )

  19. Good Day, Arif!
    I’m can not download the HEX-file for LCD 20×4…
    I really like this Your option in this video:
    Please send to my E-mail this HEX-file.
    Thank You very much!

  20. Hi, Arif.
    File HEX LCD 20×4 – can not be downloaded.
    Please, send to my E-mail, or correction link .
    Thank you! 73!

  21. Hallo,
    4 Filter Band : 0-4 Mhz /4-8Mhz /8-16 Mhz /16-32Mhz
    how to connect filters,
    you need to apply + 5V or GND
    if you can draw one filter
    meine Email: dh6pn1963@googlemail.com

  22. Very good job and nice project,

    Thank you for sharing us!

    my best 73 !

  23. please send me sketch for Arduino uno

  24. David Raetz W4VZL

    Hello: I’m very interested in learning more about the DDS VFO 717 with an S-meter.
    I’m not sure if it comes in a kit or if the pcb can be purchased and where.

    Thank you

    David Raetz W4VZL ( Florida USA )

  25. My dear friend, you have done a very nice job and I would fix it myself but to .hex file for LCD 4×20 not lowered.
    That is why if you please send me my email to sv1iyb@gmail.com
    Also tell me if you can send me the PCB file, or you need to buy.
    With respect

    • for hex LCD 20×4 pls check link Download file HEX LCD 20×4
      at the bottom of the web page

      sorry my freind, pcb only sold in Indonesia..

      thanks ,73

  26. Dear sir, Which software & programmer you are using to programme the ATMEGA8?

  27. Hi Arif,

    1. Can I set the AD9850 – 125 MHz clock?
    2. Can this controller operated as monoband, so we can set start frequency and end frequency?
    3. Do you have the band switch setting in BCD? Because it has enough range for LPF but to wide range for BPF (for more selective receiving)


  28. Hi, How to set the desired intermediate frequency synthesizer in this, and if you can not, what is the use? Thank you, Andrew.

  29. Hi, i have build this dds (with LCD 20×4 display type ) for my home made all band transceiver …it is working fine but i dont know how to manage all 9 bands filters LPF and BPF to switch them if output of ATMEGA8 has only 4 signals….It is a way to multiply this ?? by software i think , but how ?…..THANkS IN ADVANCE …73″ YO7LPZ

  30. Hi , very nice project……i have a question how to switch 9 bands filters for transceiver if atmega 8 ha only 4 sinals outputs….thanks very much….

  31. the schematic vfo is not complet =>Skema VFO tidak selesai PCB muncul transistor, dioda, dll, buah ini tidak dalam skema

  32. Hi guys, i builded both your VFOs and the 16×2 vesion is absolutely like the videos Up there, and wors fine, the 20×4 version (i did try to load more than once in the ATmega8) but it looks different: no LSB\USB function or indication on display, no rx/tx indication.. also the sig. meter is different: if you want i can send you the picture of my artwork. Is there an other 20×4 vfo file hex apart the one i can get from the link?

    thanks in advance for your answer

  33. Hi my friend,
    Will you sujest a good program for my DDS VFO.I have Arduino Pro mini(atmega328p) , AD9850 module 0-40mhz ,20×4 LCD.

  34. Hello, è possibile avere il file per Atmega8. (display 16×2)? Dal blog no download.

    Complimenti per il progetto


  35. Dear friend
    I am lakshman from India,congrats to u , u r dds vfo doing a excellent job, I made one for my home mono bander,what type of encoder I have to use, because it has to turn very slowly .Namasthe from India, Terima kasha ,73’s

  36. Hello Arif, VFO works very well. Since power when the DDS generates the frequency pass about 12 seconds. It’s normal? And ‘possible to reduce this time. Thank you.

  37. Arif Hello! I make this synthesizer, but I do not understand how to switch LSB-USB or this is done automatically when changing from 40m to 20m band

  38. Hi Aref! I’m doing this VFO,but I do not understand how to turn a subtraction or an addition of the intermediate frequency with the VFO frequency on different bands or does it happen automatically when you change the range.Thank you!

  39. Dear Arif
    Thanks for the nice job. I realized the circuit it works. Dds functions works fine.
    But you only have ver1.1 code for download while you have newer version on the video.
    At the other hand S meterlooks u stable and do not show the signal sonetimes whenever i tried the change the frequenxy by encoder.

    Regards and 73s de TA0G Hakan Guner

  40. Thank you for your nice job. I plan to use it with 9850 module.
    Where can I connect PTT signal to the controller to run TX mode?
    73, Mati


  42. Hi Arif, the encoder of what value should it be?

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