All Band Transceiver – SDR HomeBrew

sdr 717SDR717 - YE3CIF (1)SDR717 - YE3CIF (2)usb synthesizer si570 (3)usb synthesizer si570 (2)Download Software

  1. PowerSDR Setup.msi
  2. Install_CFGSR_V2.6.msi
  3. PE0FKO-USB-Driver-Installer.exe
  5. vspd.exe
  8. Skins.rar     install skin for win7>>   C:\Users\your windows login account name\AppData\Roaming\FlexRadio Systems\PowerSDR\Skins

2 Responses to All Band Transceiver – SDR HomeBrew

  1. Handri W says:

    Pak Arif, saya pake control db9. saya pakai kabel db9 to USB. local oscilator pake DDS. software powersdr1.19.3.15 tsb apakah bisa digunakan?. terimakasih.

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